January 27, 2022

How to make my content go viral?

The Viral Content Club™ is the ultimate membership for experts who want more sales and less stress from social media, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need (& nothing you do not) to make volumes of consistently hot-looking, viral-worthy content that spreads your message and sells out your offers WITHOUT BURNING YOU OUT IN THE PROCESS & for less than $1 per day.

There’s a FAST ACTION bonus too so join today

Each month get access to a 30 day content plan using the 5C Viral Content System™ , 20 Viral Content Templates™ alongside a PDF manual showing you exactly what template to use for which purpose with which caption, call to action & niche-specific prompt, so you can live your ultimate social media fairytale. 

Yes, it really IS THAT easy. You will NEVER ever have to think about what to post, how to post it and when to post it.

Join as an Annual member and you will ALSO receive the entire back catalogue of previous collections and bonuses and all future collections and bonuses including: 

  • 4 months worth of Viral Content Templates™ with content plan and PDF collections with prompts, captions, call to actions & explanations. 
  • BONUS: Copy-paste hashtags set for Instagram for 14 different niches so you can start posting and reaching your ideal clients today, without having to do hashtags research. 
  • BONUS: Product Mock-Up Ad Templates to promote and sell your digital offers. 
  • BONUS: Instagram carousel to dominate the IG algorithm (carousels crush it). 
  • BONUS: Facebook Group engagement templates for FB group owners. 
  • UPCOMING BONUS: Podcast & Audio templates to promote your audio content. 

Join the Viral Content Club™ for less than $1 a day and have your ENTIRE content needs for 2021, sorted.

When it comes to social media and content creation, do you struggle with any of the following issues? 

  • STRUGGLING TO CARVE OUT THE TIME TO PLAN AND POST CONSISTENTLY – You know you need to be consistent with your content marketing in order to grow your audience but you have a business to run and clients to take care of, and no time left to do it.

  • STRUGGLING TO SHIFT PEOPLE FROM CONSUMING FREE CONTENT TO BUYERS – You see your competitors crush it with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn so you know the opportunity is there but for some reason you attract all the freeloaders and not enough paying clients.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA OVERWHELM – with so much advice out there and so much knowledge in your head – what content should you focus on that will actually move the needle? Just thinking about it makes you not want to do it.

  • STRUGGLE TO COME UP WITH QUALITY CONTENT IDEAS – Sure, ideas come from time to time but they’re either boring or they get no engagement or they’re not inspiring you and bringing out your true voice.


If ANY of this sounds even remotely like you, I have THE PERFECT resource for your social media success – it’s called the Viral Content Club™, the ultimate membership for experts who want more sales with less stress on their social – DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY – Only Open until 5th January 2021 

It was created by my friend Katya who’s one of the  top viral marketing strategists in the World. Having worked with over 7000 clients and having spent 5 years on research and development, she’s definitely managed to create something so unique and valuable that I am proud to be helping her spread the word. 

Once you become a member, every single month you get a new collection with: 

  • 30-day strategic plug-and-play content plan using the 5C Viral Content System™
  • Fresh Viral Content Templates™ (10 designs, 2 aesthetics, labelled with the 5Cs of content).
  • Monthly Viral Content Manual with captions, call to actions, niche-specific prompts for B2B and B2C to support your 30 day plan with using the templates.
  • Monthly time-saving, “what is working right now” surprise bonus
  • BONUS: hashtag lists for 14 niches for Instagram so you can stop procrastinating on research and start posting and reaching millions of users. 
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: 16 product mockup promo templates to promote your digital products & online workshops.
  • ANNUAL MEGA BONUS: the entire back catalogue of templates from previous months.


When you and your team become the Viral Marketing Stars®️ of your business your growth and impact potential is limitless. 

Imagine never ever having to think about what to post or how to post it to grow your business ever again. 

Join the Viral Content Club™ TODAY


The Club was specifically created for 5 types of people and it’s perfect if: 

  1. You are a total and complete newbie in the world of business or social media
  2. You want to show up consistently but lack the time & energy to execute.
  3. You are using social media but aren’t making enough sales through it.
  4. You have a large audience but not enough moolah to show for it.
  5. Your social media is actually on fire but you’d love to optimize further.

You are way too good at what you do to remain a best kept secret.

I know your worth, it’s time you knew it too.

But more importantly.. 


So that the ones that are meant to come into your circle notice you, and instantly get you, and desperately want you, and cannot wait to pay you.

So that you can finally have the business you want. Built on confidence and attraction, not self-doubt.

It’s not a pipe dream, just a question of working with the right tools.

The Viral Content Club™ tools, you will not regret trying. Foolproof, and comprehensive, and so simple a baby could use them.



All with more time and energy for what matters. 

All for a ridiculously low fee of less than $1 a day. 


Join the Viral Content Club™ TODAY and make more sales with less stress on social media

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